HORIZON H4 Brushless Kamera Handheld Gimbal

HORIZON H4 Brushless Kamera Handheld Gimbal
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HORIZON H4 Camera Stabilizer


The BeStableCam Gimbal HORIZON H4 is a 3-axis handheld camera stabilizer designed for large DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to achieve smooth, stable footage. The HORIZON H4 uses brushless gimbal motors to stabilize movement on tilt-and-roll axes and provide incredibly smooth image capture while shooting handheld, while walking, or in any situation in which the camera is moving. The HORIZON H4 can support up to 1700 grams of camera. A number of cameras are well-suited for the HORIZON H4 including the Sony a7S, Panasonic GH4, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, and Canon 5D Mark III. The gimbal’s 3/8″-16 thread mount at the bottom of the handle is perfect for mounting the HORIZON H4 to a monopod, tripod or slider. The built-in 5-way joystick control offers complete command over pan/tilt and mode choice. Select from “Follow,” “Lock,” and adjust Pan-and-Tilt. Included with the stabilizer is a quick-release balance plate, a USB cable for charging, and a travel case.

The HORIZON H4 has advanced encoders, and a deep list of features that give a filmmaker the power to create a limitless range of professional camera movement. The HORIZON H4’s value and advanced features make it the one of the best camera stabilizer under $500.


- Built-in Frame IMU Current sensor to mesure battery power consumption
- Dedicated 3x SPI/PWM ports for encoder connection
- Additional I2C port to connect 2nd IMU or encoders
- Built-in sound beeper
- Up to 6s LiPo battery is supported
- Come with 2.4G wireless joystick control
- Long press the joystick button to get back to center
- Quick to mount on drones or Jibs

Operation Modes:

Mode 1: Heading Follow Mode – The Camera slowly tracks your movements.
Mode 2: Heading Lock Mode – The operator can‘t move any direction and camera stays locked in one position.
Mode 3: Heading and Pitch Follow Mode – The Camera slowly tracks your movements on pan and tilt axis.

*Modes can also be customized in the software. Other example modes: inverted mode,set tilt angles by hand, faster follow mode...An inverted mode can be achieved by flipping the gimbal upside-down in any mode 

HORIZON H4 Camera Stabilizer Operating Steps:

- Press once:Heading Follow mode; 
- Press twice: Heading and Ptich Follow mode; 
- Press 3 times: Lock Mode
- Press 4 times: RC Mode
- Press 5 times: Manually Set tilt angles by hand.
- Long press the joystick button to get back to center

Supported Cameras:

- Supported maximum camera package 4 pounds when balanced perfectly.
- Sony A7sII, A7RII, A7.
- A6300, A6000.
- RX100IV.
- RX10.
- GH4, G7.
- NEX.
- DMC.
- Samsung NX1.

Package included:

1x HORIZON H4 Camera Stabilizer 3 Axis Mirorrless Camera Stabilizer
1x Wireless Joystick
1x Battery Pack
1x Battery Charger
1x Hard Case with Preformed Foam Inserts

Achtung: Kamera ist nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten

*Although the HORIZON H4 Camera Stabilizer is tested with a camera before shipping, it does not come pre-tuned or balanced for your specific camera setup. Customers will be responsible for tuning and balancing their camera. We can provide example profiles upon request.

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